Tips To Take Care of A Blonde Wig

The use of a wig is not a new method of adopting new hairstyles. Wigs are available in different textures, lengths, and colors and you are free to choose from them. Even by using a wig, you can adopt a new hair color like honey blonde wigs according to the trend going on. Unlike other wigs, blonde wigs can completely provide you with a new look.

A blonde wig is considered a fun way to transfer the look of anyone. But not all know how difficult caring for a blonde wig can be. The given article describes the tips by following which you can keep your blonde wig fresh as it was when it leaves the store.

6 Tips to Take Care of A Blonde Wig

As compared to other wig colors, blonde is lighter; it means that the hair in the wigs has gone through a long process of bleaching and dying. You must know that dyeing the hairs will not keep them in their original state.

There are some natural elements that can make our tresses brassy and in the case of a blonde wig, the condition may become worse. If you are styling your blonde hair very much then maybe they become dry or prone to breakage. There are some important things that you should keep in mind to look after your blonde wigs, these are:

1. Keep The Wig Hydrated

When hairs are bleached or treated from a dark shade to blonde they go through a hash process. This process can remove nutrients and beneficial oils that the cuticle has within it. To keep your blonde hair back to life it is recommended to use a good repair mask or live-in conditioner.

2. Heat Protection

It is important to remember that the less heat styling the better is for your hair. Instead of relying on blow dryers at a high speed try to be patient and let them dry in national air.

Besides this other styling methods can also damage the hair of the wig. If you still need to use the heat styling equipment then make sure you are using heat-protecting spray before styling and taking proper conditioning treatment.

3. Sun Protection

Direct sun exposure can cause damage to your skin as well as your honey blonde wig. The harmful UV rays of sunlight can dry out the hairs and may turn your blonde wig hairs to an ugly shade of orange so keep away from the sun as much as possible or try to use a UV heat protector for your hair.

4. Finish Off With Cold Rinse

To keep your wig clean you have to wash it but washing it very much or too often is not good for a blonde wig. It is also suggested that after washing the hair finish off with a cold rinse each time by doing this you can keep your blonde hair shiny and lustrous.

5. Careful With Oils

It is a general concept that oils are the best thing to nourish the hair. It is somehow true but you have to be careful with the selection of oil especially when you are dealing with a blonde wig. If you are not using the right proportion of oil for your blonde wig then you can make them look greasy and weigh down. Another main concern about oiling is that if you are using oils with the yellow tin then maybe the blonde hair catch it and it will stain the wig.

6. Use Right Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos have made our life easier and they are widely used for extensions and wigs. They are formulated for different types of hair and colors. There are shampoos that are light in color that suits best the blonde wigs. So if you need to use dry shampoo for your blonde wig then make sure that you pick up the right shade.


Blonde wigs look amazing, women with dark-colored hair may want to get blonde hair but instead of exposing your hair to chemical treatments, you can just buy a blonde wig. There are some important things that you have to keep in mind to take care of a blonde wig as described above in the article.



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